8 Storage Tricks for Kitchen Organization

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For many people, the heart of the home belongs in the kitchen. The kitchen has evolved into a central hub in homes big and small, filled with the hum of everyday life. From enjoying a cup of coffee, to packing lunches, and preparing dinner, the kitchen is more than just a place to create delicious food. It’s become a social space for friends and family to gather and spend time in.

A cluttered and messy kitchen, however, can bring stress that takes valuable time away from our loved ones. Being organized allows us to use our time wisely so we have more free time for leisurely pursuits and spending time with family and friends.

A chicly arranged kitchen will turn your kitchen into a destination for both you and your guests. These design tricks will improve the flow and function of your kitchen, and also save you time and anxiety. Follow these tips and modify them to fit your space, and your kitchen might just turn into the most stylish room in your home!

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8 Storage Tricks for Kitchen Organization

Trick #1: Roll With It

Attaching caster wheels to your kitchen island will transform it from a bulky stand-in-your-way storage and prep-space, into a multi-functional mobile hub where you can cook, dine, lounge, and even work. Casual entertaining becomes a breeze with this chic solution that will streamline both your dining and kitchen space. No matter what size your island counter is, pull up a bar stool (or two!) for plenty of convenient room to move around. You can handily store your dishes and kitchen utensils below for “grab and go” efficiency. Added wheels mean you can tuck away your island (off to the side or underneath a table) if you’re looking to clear open floor space.

Trick #2: “Cart” Blanche

No matter what size you decide on, a portable kitchen cart gives you free reign to control the countertop clutter. When a kitchen island with wheels proves too much of an investment, a cart can be just your ticket to transport heavy dishes, store cumbersome cookbooks, and house your kitchen supplies. Extra storage means more usable space for your countertops and cabinets. A perfectly styled cart also adds visual interest to bare spaces. If you settle for a petite kitchen cart (well suited for small living spaces), your kitchen cart can also pull double duty as a stylish bar cart!

Trick #3: Dare To Bare

Open shelving units or floating shelves bring an airy and fresh look to any kitchen space. Whether you have perfectly coordinated china or mix-and-match dishes, exposed shelves are a great way to show off your plates and glassware. If you’re afraid that this look will prove too cluttered for your taste, open shelves are an excellent opportunity to reorganize your dishes. Group them by function, or color co-ordinate dishes for an orderly yet artful display. For perfectly styled shelves, mix in accessories like framed artwork, botanicals, trays, and terrariums. Inject a splash of color or pattern to your walls by backing your shelves with wallpaper for a truly unique look.

Trick #4: Hanging Around

Décor works best when it’s as practical as it’s beautiful. For a rustic inspired kitchen that a chef could easily fall in love with, hang your pots and pans overhead to conserve precious storage space. Your cookware is easily within reach and is conveniently out of the way so you don’t have to dig through drawers looking for the right cookware. The added bonus of a cookware rack is that pots (even those with grease stains) serve as a decorative accent for timeless country appeal.

Trick #5: File System

Storing “flats” such as lopsided pot lids, oddly shaped baking tins, and outsized cutting boards can prove to be a space challenge. Piling them on top of each other makes them hard to reach; not to mention, the clatter that’s made as you search for the right top. Filing lids, trays, and cutting boards upright and vertical solves the loud search. A pan rack neatly collects your flat utensils in one place so you can easily find the right lid or cutting board. Place an upright pan rack in a deep drawer to keep your awkwardly shaped utensils out-of-sight and easily accessible.

Trick #6: Divide Drawers

For a kitchen that feels more like an upscale restaurant, replace your knife block for a fitted drawer organizer. A traditional knife block takes up precious counter space, while a magnetic strip that you can stick your knives on poses a potential hazard for families. A drawer organizer outfitted with slats that secure your knives in place not only brings a sense of chic organization to your kitchen, it clears space countertop space. The added bonus of individual knives securely fastened within your drawers is that they are out of the way, and they remain sharp. Extra compartments for other cutlery keep your drawers from becoming a jumbled mess.

Trick #7: Get Lazy

A turntable is an easy way to stay organized by keeping things contained while allowing you to see multiple items with just a simple spin. A Lazy Susan benefits greatly in those awkward corner cabinets by maximizing the space and efficiency of spaces where it’s hard to see all the way in the back. A Lazy Susan also works on your countertops- simply move it when you need more space.

Trick #8: Behind Closed Doors

Don’t overlook nooks and unseen surfaces. Whether it’s behind a cabinet door or the side of your oven or refrigerator, it’s easy to maximize these surfaces to store kitchen knickknacks. There are multiple ways to make these spaces work for you. Add a pegboard (or corkboard) and pin anything from a grocery list to kitchen utensils. For the home baker, turn the back of your cabinetry into an easy place to keep track of your measuring cups and spoons by adding magnetic hooks to your doors.

What’s your favorite trick for an organized kitchen?

Guest post written by Christine Villanueva for LuxeDecor.

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  1. I would love to have a kitchen that is spacious enough for me to play around with different design ideas but as it is, I’m happy enough to have sufficient storage space for my appliances and a decently sized stove top! At the end of the day, it’s nice to have something aesthetic, but what we really need is functionality!

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