10 Tips for Looking More Photogenic

10 tips for looking more photogenic

We all have that one friend who looks absolutely awesome in photos. Even on the most humid of days, that friend looks like she just stepped out of a photo shoot. You just know that your friend is looking more and more photogenic with each snap of the shutter button.

So, you’re thinking, how in the heck can I look more photogenic in photographs? How can I look like I just stepped out of a photo shoot whenever someone wants to take a photo? How can I start liking photos that are taken of me?

10 Tips for Looking More Photogenic

Here are 10 tips for looking more photogenic the next time the camera is pointed in your direction.

  1. Say “money” instead of “cheese.” Saying “cheese” makes eyes squinty and cheeks pinchy. Saying “money” helps soften the smile a bit.
  2. Review favorite photos of yourself and try to discover a pattern. Replicate that pattern in future photos.
  3. Push your tongue against the back of your top teeth to avoid a toothy grin.
  4. Close your eyes and open them right before the photo is taken to avoid blinking during the photo.
  5. Look right at a light before a photo is taken so that your pupils shrink and you avoid red eye.
  6. Avoid the double-chin by pushing your face forward a tiny bit. Try sticking out your forehead and angling your chin down. Even though it feels awkward, the double-chin will be avoided.
  7. Know your best angle. Facing the camera straight on usually never ends up in a flattering photo. Angle your head a bit to give your face a nice, soft look. Practice your angles and get to know them better by taking selfies.
  8. Have the photographer shoot  you from a higher angle when you’re seated. If you’re standing, then have the photographer shoot you from a lower angle so that your figure doesn’t look so square.
  9. Lean into the camera. If you’re taking a full body shot, do not stand squarely to the camera. Instead, position your body to one side, step forward with your front leg, and give your legs a little bit of bend. Tilt your upper body out a little to create some separation from your top and bottom.
  10. Practice a signature pose. If you know your good angle and you’ve done your research on favorite photos of yourself, then find a signature pose that helps you achieve a look that you’re happy with in photographs.

What are your favorite tips for looking more photogenic?

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