10 Front Porch Decor Ideas

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When it comes to curb appeal, there are many options that can be somewhat overwhelming. From seating to plants and flowers, there are countless ways to pretty up the front of your home. Let’s take the front porch, for example. With just a few simple tweaks and fixes, you can have a front porch that is welcoming, comfortable, and pretty.

I’m a sucker for a good front porch. If possible, I could spend hours on end on a front porch flipping through magazines, reading a book, listening to music, sipping on a cocktail … it’s a great place to pass the time, enjoy the neighborhood, and get some fresh air.

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10 Front Porch Decor Ideas

1.) Include Seating Area

If you have room for it, create a nice seating area on your front porch. Whether you decide on a porch swing or chairs, be sure that the seating situation allows for a few people and offer comfort. Also, be sure to include a table. It’s always nice to have a place to set down a cocktail or a book. Be sure to have a side table or a coffee-like table in your seating area.

2.) Provide Comfort

Nobody likes sitting down on hard furniture. Place outdoor cushions on the chairs and porch swing to provide comfort while seated. Also, be mindful of fabrics. Your cushions are bound to get messy and spilled on (hello lemonade and sangria). Be sure that your material (from pillows to cushions) are prepared to withstand spills and messes. You can even purchase spray at your local home improvement store that can help create a stain/water resistant barrier for the material.

3.) Feature Flowers and Plants

Think about placing some potted plants throughout your front porch. Or, hang some planter boxes along the front porch railing and plant flowers in the boxes. Be sure to follow a theme so that everything is cohesive.

4.) Install a Ceiling Fan

If it’s an easy install, pick up an outdoor ceiling fan at your local home improvement store. You’ll love the breeze that a front porch fan creates.

5.) Follow a Theme

I’m not huge into cutesy themes. But, if that’s your thing, then go do your thing. For me, when I say “theme,” I mean colors, patterns, and textures. You want to sprinkle theme-like items throughout your front porch decor to create a cohesive, pretty look.

6.) Change Your Front Door

We recently replaced our front door and … wow. What a huge difference the door makes to not only our exterior but also our interior. With all of the windows, the door lets in so much light. Plus, by switching out the dark green door with a light wood door, the front of our house really pops.

7.) Replace the Doormat

Doormats can get gross and smelly over time. Think about adding a new doormat to your cart the next time you’re at the store.

8.) Fix the Railings

The railings on a porch can grow old over time. Plus, they can become a safety concern due to the harsh weather they endure. Be sure to fix your railing and add a new splash of paint or stain on them to keep them look neat and tidy.

9.) Install New Light Fixtures

We also just replaced a lot of our exterior lights in order to freshen up the look. When we bought the house, the previous lights were old and a bit stuffy. The new light designs help give the house a fresh, new look.

10.) Change the House Numbers

From bronze to gold to silver to white, there are so many different options for house numbers. You can even get a house number plague to put on your home.

What’s your favorite way to decorate a front porch?

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