Simple Ways to Clean a Dog Bed

We have two large dogs and boy do they ever like to get as dirty and muddy as possible. Growing up as city dogs, when we first moved into our new home, they couldn’t believe the fenced in yard that we gave them. They had a look in their eyes like the yard was too good to be true. Fast forward eight months later and they still run around in the backyard like it’s a little slice of heaven.
One can only image the dirt that they must track into the home, especially on rainy or snowy days. The neat/clean freak in me is often found taking a couple of deep breaths as I dash to find the nearest towel to wipe down their paws and the floor.

When not outside running, wrestling, or chasing each other, the dogs usually hang out in our front room. With the familiar furniture (moved from our old house to our new house) and similar decor items (moved from our old house to our new house), I think that they love having their own domain where they can sleep, dream, and cuddle with each other.

So, let’s face it … whether you take your dogs for a walk every day or you let them run rampant in the backyard, their feet and bodies can be full of mud and whatever else they pick up along the way. Guess what gets the brunt of their mess? The dog bed. Yes, they sleep in the bed for countless hours every night. Although it may appear clean, if you look closely you’ll most likely spot hair and spots. Yuck. Would you want to sleep on it?

Whenever I bring my son into my bedroom, the first spot that he beelines toward are the dog beds. He loves to crawl over them and sit in them. They are so soft and cushy that they become irresistible to him. Once again, the clean/neat freak in me has to take a couple of deep breaths.

With all of the mess that dogs bring inside either on their fur or on their paws, the dogs beds definitely need to be added to the laundry and/or cleaning list.

How To Clean a Dog Bed

1.) Vacuum the bed to remove dog fur on the surface.
2.) Remove the outer fabric (if possible).
3.) Put the cover and dog base (if machine washable) into the washer and then into the dryer. For the washer, you’ll need to use a large load setting since the item is bulky. You’ll also want to be sure to use pet-safe detergent and softener.
If you cannot remover the outer fabric, vacuum the bed and then spray with an organic, all-natural, pet-friendly antibacterial spray and spot clean.

How often do you wash the dog bed?

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