Ways to Conquer the Commute


So, how long is your commute? Also, why is a full-time stay-at-home/work-at-home mom writing about a commute?  (asking myself that question) Yes, my only commute is to my closet where I find clothes and then to my work space (whether it’s my office or the dinner table). I also drop our son off at school a few times a week so, yes, I guess that could count as my “commute.” Why do I ask? Ever since my husband and I moved to the ‘burbs, we’ve encountered the “commute” talk from family and friends.

People always ask my husband, “How long is your commute?” He lives in the ‘burbs and works in the city. His commute can range anywhere from 45 minutes to hours, depending on what time of day he hops in the car. The reactions? “I don’t know how you do it” across the board. I seriously give him mad props for driving as much as he does day in and day out. Although one would think that he would have a hard time with it, my husband simply states, “I don’t mind the drive because I get to come home to an area and place like this.” Yes, we are definitely happy that we made the “baby crawl” from the city to the ‘burbs.

When it comes to commuting, time is money, am I right? In a report by CNN Money on June 17, 2015, we found out that workers spend 200 hours at a cost of nearly $2,600 on their daily commute. *jaw drop* That breaks down to about $10 per day on commuting to and from work alone. Of course, this number can fluctuate based on areas and gas prices. In the same report, we discovered that the average commute in the U.S. is 45 minutes.

When we lived in Michigan, I used to have the average American’s commute time. During my commute, I would find my favorite radio station and enjoy music and talk radio to and from work.

When we lived in the city and I worked in an office, I had one commute that had me catching and riding several metro trains before I had to catch a bus and then walk to my office building. I would have to give myself at least an hour to get to work every day since I never knew what I was going to encounter with public transit. My other job had me driving about 45 minutes to work on any given day (factoring in city traffic that is always so much fun … so nobody ever). My last job outside of the home before I started working from home had me catching a metro train at one stop and riding it until it dropped me off across the city. That ride would take me about 30-40 minutes what with all of the stops along the way.

My favorite form of transportation to and from work was public transit. When I worked the jobs that had me riding trains and buses, I would read so many books a week. I would also catch up on the latest news and even found myself relaxing, staring out the window, collecting my thoughts, and either gearing up or winding down for the day.

I look at my husband making the trek that he does and started to become intrigued by how people make it through their commute. I know he loves to listen to music and talk radio, as well as drink coffee. He also is fully aware of traffic patterns which helps put him in the right mindset before hitting the road.

What are simple ways to conquer the commute?

Well, if you’re taking public transit, read a book, listen to a podcast, enjoy music via headphones, read the newspaper, knit, use Wi-Fi to get some work done, or relax.

If you’re driving a car, listen to a podcast, find a favorite radio station, be sure to have snacks on hand (the crunching will help keep you awake), enjoy fresh air by rolling down the windows (yet another way to stay awake), or listen to a book. Oh, and don’t forget to have your favorite beverage cup on hand so that you can enjoy water and coffee. Above all else, (yes, this is the mother in me), put down your phone and don’t text. #pleaseandthankyou

If you ride a bike, be sure to be safe on the roads!

How long is your commute?

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