10 New Year’s Resolutions for Couples

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Tomorrow night we get to start the countdown. As we say, “3, 2, 1 … Happy New Year!” we can’t help but look forward to planting a big smooch on our main squeeze. This year, I actually get to spend New Year’s Eve with my husband. Given the line up work that he’s in, he’s usually working. But this year, we get to spend the night together as we watch football, enjoy cocktails, cook a delicious dinner, cheers with champagne, and give each other a Happy New Year kiss.

Given that we actually get to spend the special celebration together, I can’t help but think about my New Year’s resolution which is to find a better work-life balance. So, how will I go about finding a better balance? I’m going to focus more on my little family, including my husband.

My husband is my best friend, biggest fan, and huge supporter. We’ve had our ups and downs, shared tears and laughs, and have created so many unforgettable memories over the years. I can’t imagine living this life without him by my side as my partner.

So, it’s only right to focus more on him/us as I try to find a better work-life balance. Life can get hectic so it’s important to find us time.

People always focus on creating New Year’s resolutions that are self-focused. But, have you ever thought to have a couple-based resolution?

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Couples

1.) Go on date nights.

My husband and I have always been big on date nights … whether it’s going out to dinner or cooking dinner together. We cherish the time that we get to spend together as a couple. Now that we have a toddler, it’s not always easy lining up a babysitter. So, our favorite way to enjoy time together is to open a bottle of wine and cook dinner together.

2.) Work out together.

Why work out alone when you can work out with your partner? By working out together, you can make sure that each person is going to achieve goals.

3.) Don’t sweat the small stuff.

That’s right. Life is too short to get all fussed up over the small stuff.

4.) Refrain from bottling up emotions.

I have a tendency to hold things in and then one day I will boil over. Over the years, my husband has been able to tell right off the bat when something is bugging me so I don’t really boil over anymore. But, I used to do this … and let me tell you, it’s not healthy. If something is bothering you, let your partner know. Go about it in an open, kind way so as not to offend your partner.

5.) Treat your partner like a friend.

Because we spend so much time together, it’s easy to get on your partner’s case about everything. Or, even act rude toward your partner. Ask yourself, “Would I talk to my friend this way?” Your partner is your best friend. Treat them that way.

6.) Criticize less.

People feel downright horrible when there is nothing but criticism. By adding in positive vibes, comments, and notes, your partner will feel better and happier. People who spend a lot of time together often forget to compliment each other. Something as simple as “you look nice” goes a long way in a person’s day.

7.) Find your love language.

Once my husband and I discovered our love language, we were able to fully understand how to love each other. Read more here.

8.) Save money.

Yes, this sounds boring. But, you can make it fun. Try turning “saving money” into a game. Have a friendly competition. Give each other a certain amount of money and see who can spend less each week. Or, set a goal for the year and work together to reach that goal. Paying off debt and watching your bank account grow can be so rewarding.

9.) Travel more.

Pick a destination, save up for the vacation, and travel together. Whether you decide to stay in-state or go to a different country, traveling as a couple can open your eyes to new experiences. Plus, you’ll have photographs and memories that will be unforgettable.

10.) Have more sex.

Did you think I forgot? *blushing* Make it exciting, find time to reconnect, put some energy into it … whatever you need to do … just have more of it. Don’t let “I’m too tired” be an excuse. Because, let’s face it, everyone is tired but how can you be too tired for love, a great workout, re-connection, and happiness? Need I say more?

What resolution will you make as a couple?

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