How To Make a Bed Comfortable


I don’t get much sleep since I like to burn the midnight oil and I wake up every morning to a sweet toddler saying “hello” into the baby monitor. So, when I crawl into bed, I want it to be comfy, welcoming, relaxing, and perfect. That’s right. I cherish the small amount of time that I do get to sleep every night. So, I want to make those sleep hours count. Where do I start? With my bed.

How To Make a Bed Comfortable

From sheets to comforters, pillows to white noise, I’m all about setting myself up for success to get a great night sleep. Over the years, I’ve tried all sorts of bedding situations and I finally found a combination that offers an incredibly comfortable sleeping situation.

1.) Start With the Mattress

Do you like firm or soft mattresses? Be sure to start with a mattress that fits your body and sleep style properly. If you can’t afford a new mattress, then be sure to purchase a mattress topper or padding that will allow you to achieve a mattress that is comfortable to your body.

2. ) Add Layers

Instead of using just one sheet, why not mix up the layers with sheets, a comforter, and blankets with different textures. Create a great combination for you that will help you cozy up when you crawl into bed at night.

3.) Choose Great Fabric

Yes, there are the thread counts. But, what about the fabric? The fabric is where it’s at when it comes to bedding. Keep in mind that 100% cotton sheets breathe more.

4. ) Have a Variety of Pillows

I’m all about pillows. I always like to keep soft and firm pillows so that I can combine the two to achieve the ultimate comfort. Oh, and I switch them out at least every six months. Keeping pillows new and fresh is so important. Yes, every six months might seem like a bit much. If that’s the case, then switch out your pillows at least every two years.

5.) Wash Your Sheets

How often do you wash your sheets? Be sure to add your sheets to your laundry list at least once a week or once every two weeks. Remember that feeling of crawling into a hotel bed at night? The crisp, clean sheets are unbeatable. Why not have that feeling in your own bed? To me, there’s nothing like crawling into clean sheets at night.

What’s your must-have item for a comfortable bed?

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