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Tips for Keeping Cookies Fresh

There are plenty of cookie cravings that take place in our house. My husband has quite the sweet tooth and so do our guests. I always try to keep the cookie dome filled to the brim with all sorts of sweet goodies. Does this sound familiar? What happens when you go to all the trouble…

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{Tips & Tricks} Portioning with an Ice Cream Scooper

To me, 2010 was all about discovery in the kitchen. I fell in love with parchment paper, figured out a way to consistently make light and fluffy pancakes, set up a system to easily organize my food magazine recipes, and started the downward spiral of what was to become my obsession with puff pastry…just to…

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Tips on Using Parchment Paper

I came to the realization in 2010 that a must-have in my kitchen is parchment paper. If there was ever a time when I went to make cookies and I noticed that I was out of parchment paper, I almost felt immobilized. Instead of breaking out the cooking spray or butter, I would grab my…

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{Tips & Tricks} Melting Chocolate

I still cannot believe that Christmas is tomorrow…where has the time gone? Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to find time here and there to enjoy one of my favorite things about the holiday season: baking. To me, December is a month that all of the bakers out there embrace with open…

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Tips for Making Light & Fluffy Pancakes & Classic Pancake Recipe

Whether you make pancakes from scratch or from the box, they are relatively easy to prepare. Up until this year, I always reached for my trusty box of Bisquick, mixed all of the necessary ingredients and got to work mixing and flipping the flapjacks. One time I went to reach for the box when all…

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{Tips & Tricks} Pioneering Measurement Terms

Recently, I found a recipe in a cookbook that I absolutely had to try. I was working my way through the recipe quite smoothly when all of a sudden I came across the word “dash.” Being the anal retentive perfectionist that I am, I froze. “Dash.” Really?! I had no idea how much was in…

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Tips for Using Puff Pastry Sheets

Earlier this year, whenever I would hear the words “puff pastry,” I would cringe. Whenever I saw the words in a recipe I would immediately flip the page or click to another recipe. I’m not going to lie. The dough, as innocent as it was, terrified me. …and then I finally gathered up enough courage…

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