{Tips & Tricks} Portioning with an Ice Cream Scooper

Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffins

To me, 2010 was all about discovery in the kitchen. I fell in love with parchment paper, figured out a way to consistently make light and fluffy pancakes, set up a system to easily organize my food magazine recipes, and started the downward spiral of what was to become my obsession with puff pastry…just to name a few.

I had so much fun playing with all sorts of gadgets, ingredients and techniques as I tried to find new ways to make life in the kitchen simple and enjoyable. That’s why I absolutely need to share this little tip with you. Are you ready for this one? Here it goes…

The next time you want to achieve perfectly proportioned baked treats, use an ice cream scooper. Whether it’s a plain ‘ole ice cream scooper or a fancy shmancy spring loaded ice cream scooper (my favorite), these little gadgets will help you create consistently-sized baked goods that bake evenly. What’s not to love?

An ice cream scooper is a key gadget to have in your kitchen because they come in handy when baking, cooking and serving. The following are a few ways in which the ice cream scooper can be a huge help:

  • Cookies: Prepare perfectly proportioned cookies that are light and fluffy.
  • Hushpuppies: Use an ice cream scooper to drop the batter quickly into the oil so that they all cook at the same time.
  • Meatballs: Use an ice cream scooper to make consistently-sized meatballs that bake evenly.
  • Muffins: Pour the same amount of batter into each cup.
  • Truffles: Scoop the truffle mixture using an ice cream scooper and then use your hands to roll the mixture into balls.

So, the next time you go to reach into the cookie dough with you fingers, stop, open up your gadget drawer, take out your ice cream scooper and start scooping pretty balls of dough that are evenly sized.

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    1. I've long used the scoop method for a lot of things but I've got a couple of different sizes. My ice cream scooper is actually one of those with something akin to antifreeze in it and it doesn't really have a full scoop shape so I wouldn't be able to use it but I've got scoops for muffins/cupcakes, cookies and a small one for I'm not sure what.

      For me using them for cupcakes is at the top of my list; getting all of those little mini cakes the same size so easily with a scooper removes the one thing I used to hate about making them!

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