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{Tips & Tricks} Crushing Cookies

Tons of recipes call for crushed cookies and it’s not often that you find packages of cookie crumbs or crushed cookies lining your grocery store aisles. So, what do you do? That’s easy. Simply buy a package of the cookies that are needed to make the recipe and get to work crushing them yourself. It’s…

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Tips for Thawing and Draining Frozen Spinach

I’m a firm believer in always having a freezer full of frozen vegetables. Since there are only two of us in thise house, most of the time we can’t work our way through fresh vegetables fast enough. Of course we always have fresh tomatoes and lettuce in my refrigerator since we love to make sandwiches…

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{Tips & Tricks} Slicing Mushrooms

One of my favorite vegetables is the mushroom. I love adding it to pizza, pasta, and steaks, especially when they are simmered in red wine. Oftentimes, you can find pre-sliced mushrooms in the store and these packages of mushrooms make meal preparation super easy. Unfortunately, pre-sliced mushrooms are mushrooms that have been sliced days ago…

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{Tips & Tricks} Peeling Pearl Onions

They’re beautiful, delicious and add so much flavor to countless dishes. They’re small, covered in layers and frustrating…until now. Yes, I’m talking about pearl onions. Before I discovered this trick, I would stand at the counter with my trusty cutting board and knife, dreading the first cut and peel. Recipes often call for quite a…

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{Tips & Tricks} Cleaning Leeks

You might have seen these lovely vegetables in the grocery store and wondered what they are. These beautifully green stalks of goodness are known as leeks. Leeks have thick, cylindrical stalks with a bulbous root and flat leaves. They are related to onions, garlic, scallions and shallots and add such a delicious hint of flavor…

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{Tips & Tricks} Valentine’s Day Recipe Roundup

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you know what that means…flowers and chocolates galore…for everyone else, that is. You see, my husband and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been a fan of the color pink, I’m not huge into hearts and even though I’m a hugger, I’m not into lovey-doveyness. Let’s…

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{Tips & Tricks} Cooking with a Rotisserie Chicken

Do you want to know one of my all-time favorite tricks when it comes to cooking? Alright…here it goes. I’m in love with grocery store rotisserie chickens. There. I said it. These ready-to-eat chickens are inexpensive and filled with flavor. Plus, because they’re so versatile, it’s hard for me to make a trip to the…

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