What’s Your Favorite Perfume?


When I was a kid, I loved to go to Bath & Body Works, smell all of the different kinds of scents, and pick out a bottle of my favorite scented lotion. I sometimes would add some body spray to the checkout counter. When I got home, I felt so special putting on the lotion and body spray. Cucumber Melon was my jam.

After years of wearing my favorite fresh scent, I looked forward to being old enough to spritz perfume onto my wrists. At times, I would go into my parent’s room and steal a few spritzes of my Mom’s perfume. I loved the smell and loved even more that I could smell it on my wrists throughout the day.

When I was finally old enough to wear perfume, I opened up a Christmas gift from my parents and inside the box was my very own perfume. Year after year, my parents would also gift me a box of perfume on Christmas and I would wear and enjoy that scent throughout the year. One year, my parents gave me a box of Burberry Brit and I’ve worn that scent ever since. That was about 10 years ago.

When we decided to focus on the kiddos during the holidays, we stopped giving the adults gifts which meant that my box of perfume every year no longer happened. On business trips, I would stop at the duty free shop and stock up on Burberry Brit whenever I was running low. Going a day without spritzing myself with my favorite scent is kind of hard for me to comprehend.

This year, my husband and I were talking about what to get each other this year for Christmas. While we were at the mall yesterday having our son visit with Santa, I told my husband that I would love for him to buy me a bottle of Burberry Brit. So, we stopped by the perfume section in a nearby department store and I picked out the largest bottle of Burberry Brit I could find.

I seriously cannot get enough of my favorite scent.

Perhaps we welcomed back a favorite holiday tradition?

What’s your favorite perfume?

While we were trying to find my bottle of perfume, I couldn’t help but take a look around and see all of the other scents on the market today. The various bottles, scents, and packages had me so intrigued.

Last year, for my husband’s birthday, he wanted to go to a department store and do some cologne testing to find his favorite scent. We had so much fun sampling the different scents. From pungent to smooth, the variations were incredible. The experience was unexpected, unique, and memorable.

He eventually found a bottle that was full of a scent that he loved. I took a sniff and knew that it was totally his cologne. I love smelling it on him every day.

Wearing your favorite scent every day is a simple pleasure that can brighten your day and make you feel confident.

What’s your favorite perfume?

Photo via The Rose Garden.

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