How to Master the No-Makeup Makeup Look


For creating a warm day look, the best way to go is to wear as little makeup as possible. This trend will save you a lot of time and effort, but also make sure the makeup doesn’t simply melt down your face. Lighter layers will allow your skin to breathe and allow your inner beauty to shine through.

Many would agree that natural look is the prettiest look, but let’s be honest—sometimes “natural beauty” needs a little help from time to time. Beauty products can be very helpful, but only if you choose the right ones. If you want to achieve this kind of effortless and ravishing look, the most important is to use completely natural makeup products. By following these 7 steps, you could enhance your healthy and natural, “I woke up like this” look.

How to Master the No-Makeup Makeup Look


Glowing and healthy look demands a healthy and well-cared for skin. So, before putting any makeup on, make sure you’ve finished your daily cleaning-toning-moisturizing routine and then wait for five to ten minutes, so your skin can absorb all benefits of the treatment.


Even if you’ve already moisturized your face, don’t skip applying a primer. It will hydrate it even more, while covering up all the imperfections. You could also save some time by using the all-in-one BB cream. Whatever it is, choose the one that perfectly complements your skin type and apply it with a brush, starting from the centre of your face and blending outward.


Pat a little concealer under your eye area and then tap it some more with a small brush. If you have time for perfect blending, first apply a lighter shade of concealer and then a darker one to enhance the natural lines. If needed, you can also apply it anywhere else – on the nose, forehead or chin.

Setting the Base

After you’ve finished the preparation, look over your face to determine which parts of it need some more help. Then apply a liquid foundation on with an appropriate big brush: swipe it equally all over your face and neck for a lighter, natural look or tap it on problematic spots. Use a highlighter and blend it with your fingers to enhance a natural face glow.


For finishing natural and flawless appearance, all you need is some blush. It’s recommended to use a cream blush instead a powder blusher, because its structure is more resistant in higher temperatures and it’s absorbed better into the skin. Gently tap a blusher on your cheeks and make sure that its edges are well blended with the base.

Highlighting the Eyes

To define and highlight your eyes, use a light and neutral eye shadow (preferably matte one). The colour should match with your skin tone and seem as naturally as it can. Apply it outside of the eyelid and simply blend it with a finger or, for creating bronzed smoky eyes, apply it along your eyelash line and then blend it with a small brush. For the final touch – lengthen your lashes with mascara.

Highlighting the Lips

Apply a matte shade lipstick or a (not too) shiny lip gloss in some bright and natural colours that highlight your face the most, like nude, peachy-pink or soft red.

This “no-makeup” trend became very popular among celebrities. Starting from posting no-makeup-at-all selfies to the reduced and natural makeup look on the red carpet, these stars confirm that natural look is the most appealing. You should consider all these tips in order to develop your own style. This way, you’ll emphasize your inner beauty and keep up with the latest trends at the same time.

How do you rock the no-makeup look?

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