5 Simple Ways to Pamper Mom During Mother’s Day

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by J.R.Watkins. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

From hugging to healing. From doing laundry to washing dishes. From tucking in teddy bears to flipping through pages of a book. A mother’s hands do so much.

A mother’s hands get messy with food, dirty with mud, and stained with markers. A mother’s hands are one of the first to hold a child after the first breath, guide a child as first steps are taken, are there to wipe away the tears, and help to shape and mold a child. A mother’s hands are beautiful storytellers.

I remember when my Grammy would reach for my hands to hold them in hers. They were soft, strong, unforgettable, and full of stories. From the bumps to the smooth feeling, her hands provided so many stories.

When my mother grabs my hands, I realize the same softness and strength that her mother’s hands had. A mother’s hands never stop caring, providing, offering, and healing. They are full of love, wisdom, and strength.

A mother’s hands are beautiful.

Since becoming a mother, my hands have started to show a lot of wear over the past few years. I hope that one day, just like I did with my Grammy and now with my Mom, when I reach for my child’s hands that he feels softness, strength, and stories.

5 Simple Ways to Pamper Mom on Mother’s Day

Last year, while I celebrated my second Mother’s Day, my husband asked me what I wanted. “Do you want to go to a spa? What about getting your nails done?” My response was simple: I wanted to spend the day with my family, especially with my son who made me a mom. Mother’s Day, to me, is all about celebrating being a mom. And, there’s no better way to celebrate than to spend it with my son.

So, if a spa day isn’t in your budget or the mom you’re celebrating wants to spend the day at home, how can you pamper her? Here are 5 simple ways to pamper Mom on Mother’s Day.

1.) Serve Breakfast in Bed

Start the day off with a yummy breakfast in bed. There’s nothing better than spending a few extra minutes in bed, especially when indulging on delicious food. Have the kiddos deliver the food to make the moment extra special.

2.) Do What Mom Wants To Do

Mom is usually always busy doing activities for others. Mother’s Day is the day to do what mom wants to do. Does she love to go out to eat? Then go out to eat. Does she love to go on a hike? Then go on a hike. Figure out mom’s favorite group activity and get the whole family involved.

3.) Enjoy Relaxation

Moms are always on the go. On this special day, give mom time to relax. Let her enjoy a warm cup of coffee (because, let’s face it … once-warm-now-turned-cold coffee is usually what mom sips on throughout the morning), let her squeeze in some reading time, watch a movie as a family … the key is to relax.

4.) Prepare Dinner

Surprise mom by making her favorite dinner. Turn on the music during dinner, chat as a family, and enjoy each other’s company as you devour a delicious dinner. Up next? Don’t let mom pick up a single dish. It’s her special day. She should have a free pass on clean up.

5.) Create an At-Home Spa

Does the Mom in your life need some down time that is full of relaxation and self-care? If so, prepare a little care package full of lotion, body wash and scrub, luffa, hand cream, etc.

One of my favorite self-care product lines is by J.R. Watkins. Since 1868, J.R. Watkins has been committed to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. The J.R. Watkins Co. creates gourmet spices and extracts, personal care, and home care products with only the finest natural ingredients.

The full J.R. Watkins Naturals Personal Care Products line includes hand and body lotions, hand and cuticle salves, body creams and oils, foot care, facial care and more. Introduced in 2008, the line offers more than 50 products, and includes some of the first to ever receive the Natural Products Association (NPA) certification.

Stop by your local store to pick up a basket, tissue paper, luffa, J.R. Watkins products, and other spa-like items to create a perfect spa gift for the mom in your life. After one sniff of the product, your Mom will quickly fall in love with it and become relaxed.

jr watkins products

In this basket, I’m featuring the following J.R. Watkins Bath & Body products:

  • Lavender Hand Cream
  • Lavender Hand Soap
  • Coconut Milk and Honey Body Wash
  • Fragrance Free Body Cream
  • Lavender Dish Soap

jr watkins 3

jr watkins products 2

This Mother’s Day, celebrate the hands that do so much. Snap a photo of a mother’s hands and share it on Instagram for a chance to win a #jrwatkins gift basket. Use the hashtag #MothersHands and tag @jr_watkins. Winners will be announced on Mother’s Day 2016.

How will you celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by J.R.Watkins. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.




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