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{Tips & Tricks} Cooking Pasta

Pasta is one of my all-time favorite foods — spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli, Fettuccine Alfredo…the list can go on and on. I swear, I could probably eat a pasta-based dish every day of the week. And to think I don’t have an ounce of Italian in me — now that is pretty ridiculous. Cooking pasta is…

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{Tips & Tricks} Preparing a Casserole

One of my favorite go-to meals to prepare is a casserole. With just a handful of ingredients, you can create an easy, filling and comforting dish that your family will love. I thought I would share with you a simple formula on how to prepare a casserole. If you stick to this basic formula, you…

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{Tips & Tricks} Making Your Fresh Produce Last Longer

Are you trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet? High-quality fresh food (organic too) is definitely in right now…as it should be. One of the major frustrations about buying fruits and vegetables is that they can be seen as wasted dollars if not properly stored. On average, American families trash 14…

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{Tips & Tricks} Cooking with Shallots

What is a shallot? A shallot looks like a small, elongated onion with typically copper, reddish or gray skin. However, once you peel it, it looks like garlic because it breaks into cloves. A small shallot will usually have two to three cloves whereas a large shallot can have up to six cloves. Speaking of…

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{Tips & Tricks} Frying Foods

I know, I know…fried foods are sooo bad for you…but then again, sometimes fried foods are exactly what you want. So, if you’re going to consume the fat and calories, you might as well make sure that the food is fried to perfection. Deep fried calamari, onions, chicken, potatoes…with all the different options, how can…

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{Tips & Tricks} Sifting Flour and Other Dry Ingredients

Why do some recipes and cookbooks tell us to “sift flour” and other dry ingredients? As flour sits, it slowly settles and becomes more compacted. Sifting breaks up clumps, adds air to the flour, helps produce lighter cakes and pastries and makes measurements more uniform. Plus, a cup of sifted flour generally weighs 20-25 percent…

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Simple Tips to Use When Cooking for a Crowd

For many of us on Super Bowl Sunday, the football game is just as important as the food that will be served. Super Bowl Sunday is a perfect excuse to enjoy the five Fs: family, friends, football, fun and feasting! However, if you’re the one in charge of hosting the party, you might be a…

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