5 Ways to Really Enjoy a Beach Vacation

5 Ways to Enjoy a Beach Vacation

You’re probably reading the title of the post and thinking, “Who doesn’t love a beach vacation?” Here me out.

Some people love thrill-filled vacations, others enjoy adventure-filled vacations, and then there are those who crave beach-filled vacations. From lounging in a cabana to sipping fruity cocktails throughout the day, a beach-filled vacations most certainly has its perks. For me, I’m more of an adventure-filled vacation person. Although a beach vacation is absolutely incredible, I’m also super Irish (hello, SPF 50), I cannot sit still for more than two minutes, and I love to fill my vacation days with adventure.

Our friends recently invited us on a beach vacation where we would spend a week putting our toes in the sand, lounging in the pool, relaxing in a cabana, and sipping on tasty cocktails. My husband was 100% on board with the plan but I did have my reservations since I know what type of vacation person I am. My husband, on the other hand, is hands down a beach-filled vacation person. He is totally able to enjoy days filled with nothing but pool, ocean, drinks, and relaxation.

I agreed to go on the vacation (but first I hemmed and hawed about the decision … yes, I was being a pain in the booty about deciding whether or not to go … just ask our friends *sorry*) because I knew we needed time away, especially fun times spent with friends. So, we flew my Mom down to our home to take care of the kiddos as we packed our bags and headed to Riviera Maya, Cancun.

The vacation was awesome. From the food and the service at the resort to the ocean and pools, a great time was had by all, even this adventure-filled vacation lover. Although I was craving adventures throughout our stay, it was also nice to force myself to try to relax as I spent quality time with my husband and our friends.

So, if you’re like me and you’re headed on a beach-filled vacation, how can you enjoy your vacation?

(P.S. All photos were taken with my phone)

5 Ways to Enjoy a Beach Vacation

1.) Pack Fun Outfits

Before we left for our vacation, I took inventory on what I had that was perfect for a beach vacation. I realized that I needed to do a bit of shopping before I started filling the suitcase. I made sure to purchase a few rompers, a beach cover-up, swimsuits (I’m obsessed with one pieces right now), sandals, and a floppy hat. Even though we were going away for a few days, I wanted to be able to have options for both daytime and evening.

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2.) Find Ways to Relax

5 Ways to Enjoy a Beach Vacation

Being away from the kids allowed my husband and I to take our time getting a start to the day. Even though I still woke up relatively early, I would walk out onto the balcony and relax on the lounger while I waited for my husband to get out of bed. We would get ready for the day and then head to the beach where we ordered a cocktail, took in the views, went for a walk along the beach, and then headed to the pool where we would spend the rest of the afternoon hanging with our friends before heading back to the room to get ready for dinner.

After dinner, my husband and I would grab a drink at the bar, head to the beach, and find a cabana to lounge in as we chatted the night away and sipped on the cocktail. It was the perfect way to end every night of vacation.

3.) Enjoy the Ocean

5 Ways to Enjoy a Beach Vacation

Yes, pools are fun, especially on vacation. Who doesn’t love a swim up bar? But, the ocean is key. Even though it’s super difficult for me to find ways to relax (as mentioned before, it’s hard for me to sit still for more than two minutes), walking along the beach, splashing in the ocean, playing keep up in the water with a volleyball, and floating around in the water were both activity-filled and kept my hard-to-sit-still body happy.

Plus, it’s the ocean and it’s beautiful and breathtaking. So, there’s that.

4.) Take in the Views

5 Ways to Enjoy a Beach Vacation

As mentioned before, every morning I would make it a point to go onto our balcony and take in the view. The photo above is one that I snapped on my phone from our balcony. Hello, palm trees, ocean, cabanas, and sand.

It was so nice to breathe in the ocean air and feel the warmth on my skin as I enjoyed the beauty that was in front of me. During your vacation, be sure to take a few moments here and there to soak in the view and appreciate the beauty all around you.

5.) Try New Food

5 Ways to Enjoy a Beach Vacation

And order room service. You’re on vacation so it’s important to treat yourself. The resort that we stayed at was brimming with incredible restaurant options. From Hibachi (I even got to participate in the cooking!) to French, each night was a new dining experience that was filled mouthwatering entrees. My taste buds were so pleased with all of the different dining and food options.

Even though dinner was excellent, I loved breakfast time. My husband and I placed an order with room service nearly every morning and enjoyed breakfast on our balcony. From day one, I was hooked on Chilaquiles for breakfast. I think I could’ve eaten the dish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yes, it was that good. Plus, the great thing about trying new food on vacation is that you can try making the dish at home. I cannot wait to introduce Chilaquiles into our home. I think my son will love the recipe.

How do you enjoy a beach vacation?

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