A Boy and His Toys

From trucks to books to blocks to stuffed animals … my son is all about playing with his toys. From crashing his walker into walls to using his crib mattress as a trampoline to harassing the dogs … my son is all about defining boyhood. From trying to find every outlet in the house to…

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Understanding Love Languages

People need to feel loved, am I right? The thing about love that I find interesting is that each person’s love language is different. Take me for example. I absolutely love when my husband does chores around the house … without me having to ask him. Yes, if he empties the dishwasher without me asking…

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Kids Say and Do the Darndest Things

Kids say and do the darndest things. My son calls me “cow.” He laughs at just about everything. His favorite word is “dog.” Whenever my husband asks him to say “mama” he responds with “dada.” He learns how to say “hockey” and might heart just about melts. One day he’s crawling, the next day he’s…

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Making a New Friend

Friendships have always been so interesting to me. There are people who come into our lives and teach us so much about the world around us. Out of those people, there are those who come and go. Out of those people, there are those who continue to be there throughout the chapters of your life….

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Playing in the Snow for the First Time

The weather reports were predicting a lot of snowfall to happen today. Boy, were they right. I went to bed last night in hopes that the weather reports would be right. I woke up to a winter wonderland. Thanks to my upbringing in Michigan, I was beyond ecstatic. Let’s face it. If it’s going to…

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Where Does the Time Go?

This week while I was playing on the ground with my son, he looked up at me and flashed me his toothy smile. My heart melted. I grabbed him to give him a big hug and he pushed me away. My heart ached. Where did my baby go? In what seems like a matter of…

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Starting a New Chapter

You might have noticed a slight … alright, maybe a drastic change … in my site. You might have also noticed that my blog posts have been a slow go lately. Why is that? I felt as though I was missing something on my site. I felt as though I wasn’t embracing my full creative…

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