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{Tips & Tricks} Melting Chocolate

I still cannot believe that Christmas is tomorrow…where has the time gone? Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to find time here and there to enjoy one of my favorite things about the holiday season: baking. To me, December is a month that all of the bakers out there embrace with open…

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{Tips & Tricks} Pioneering Measurement Terms

Recently, I found a recipe in a cookbook that I absolutely had to try. I was working my way through the recipe quite smoothly when all of a sudden I came across the word “dash.” Being the anal retentive perfectionist that I am, I froze. “Dash.” Really?! I had no idea how much was in…

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Tips for Using Puff Pastry Sheets

Earlier this year, whenever I would hear the words “puff pastry,” I would cringe. Whenever I saw the words in a recipe I would immediately flip the page or click to another recipe. I’m not going to lie. The dough, as innocent as it was, terrified me. …and then I finally gathered up enough courage…

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{Tips & Tricks} Removing Muffins from Pan + Caramel Apple Muffins Recipe

Have you ever found yourself angrily staring at a muffin pan, close to tears wondering how in the world you were ever going to get your beautiful muffins out of the muffin cups? Don’t worry…I’ve been there too. Sometimes there’s nothing worse than removing a muffin tin from the oven that is filled with gorgeous…

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Tips on How to Zest Citrus Fruit

As you look through various recipes, I’m sure you stumbled across the phrase “use the zest from a lemon.” Upon seeing that phrase, some of you might scratch your head, stare at the phrase, think about it for a few seconds and then quickly move on to the next recipe thanks to having no clue…

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{Tips & Tricks} Baking Quick Breads

Some of the best breakfasts I’ve enjoyed (and if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day) have included a delicious slice of flavorful bread or a muffin with melted butter, a bowl of cereal and a very large glass of orange juice. The slice…

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Recipe for a Muffin Crumb Topping

When I think of cafe-style muffins, the first thought that pops into my mind is crumb topping. The muffins that I tend to purchase at a cafe are always warm and soft with a delicious crumb topping that adds the perfect crunch to each and every bite. For me, whenever I bake muffins that include…

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