10 Favorite Things: Issue No. 6

I’m just sitting here enjoying my coffee while looking forward to a quiet weekend at home as we play with our son, cook out, enjoy wine, and do a bit of housework. Ever since I receive this printer for my birthday, I’ve been addicted to printing photos and putting them in albums. I just finished printing photos and placing them in my…

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15 Things Every Mom Should Do This Year

With balancing a full-time work-at-home job while taking care of our son full-time at home and trying to find quality time with my husband, I was starting to feel a bit like I was losing myself in the mix. Who was I becoming? Why was I putting myself last on the list? When was I going to take care of…

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How Much Coffee Do You Drink?

Mornings are kind of strange for me. I’m not an early morning person but I’m not a sleep in person either. Because I have a two-year-old who wakes up around 7:00 a.m. every day, I wake up to his cute voice on the baby monitor as he recites every word he knows. It is seriously the cutest thing. I would…

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What’s Your Favorite Movie?

I’ve never really been a big movie watcher. I grew up in a family where we would rarely go to the theater or rent a movie. If, and when we did, it was a big deal. And then I married into a family that is all about movies. They can recite all sorts of movie lines and have full on…

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10 Simple Ways to Live a Healthier Life

It’s a new year which means a improved version of you. Right? Have you set a resolution for this year? I’m all about a fresh start as I try to find and embrace a work-life balance this year. Besides trying to find a better balance, what other ways can you live a healthier life? 10 Simple Ways to Live a Healthier…

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Rainy Day Must-Haves

Instead of snow, we’re getting a lot of rainy, overcast days in Maryland. The temperature has been unseasonably warm and the ground has been pretty mushy. The sun made an appearance earlier today which was really nice. But, now we’re back to gray and white clouds. I would love to see just a bit of snow during the wintertime ……

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Cute Tan Handbags & Purses (Under $100)

About five years ago, I was shoe shopping and came across a great crossbody tan purse that was on sale for around $50. It was the perfect size and shape to serve as my everyday grab-and-go purse. Fast-forward five years and you’ll still see me wearing this crossbody tan purse. At the beginning of last year, I had to get a…

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