10 Favorite Things: Issue No. 7

You guys. We got hit by a snowstorm. I’m talking blizzard. Yes, one minute there was no snow on the ground. The next minute, we had three feet of snow on the ground. The #blizzard2016 happened last weekend and people are still trying to find normalcy. It was truly incredible. And the best part? I was snowed in with my…

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What’s Your Serving Style: Family-Style or Plated?

When it comes to dinner parties, I’m all about family-style dinners. I have a secret love (well, I guess it’s not a secret anymore) for serving platters. Filling them up with wholesome, delicious food and allowing dinner guests to help themselves is what I’m all about during parties. Oh, and the more rustic, the better. I’m all about rustic elegance…

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15 Family-Friendly Indoor Activities to Beat Cabin Fever

We have a pretty huge snowstorm that is about to hit our area in the next few hours. Neighbors have been firing up their snowblowers, grocery stores have emptied out their milk and bread shelves, and homes have been prepared for the big storm. News reports are predicting a large amount of snow to fall over the next 72 hours…

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How To Protect Dogs During Cold Weather

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge animal fan, especially dogs. In elementary school, my best friend said that she was going to have six kids and I told her I was going to have six dogs. That way, each of her kids could have a dog. I already had plans of becoming a dog lady … and…

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What is Your Perfect Burger?

We’ve had burgers a few times in the past couple of weeks. Then, yesterday, my husband and I had the television on as background and a show was on that talked all about burgers. Burgers, burgers, burgers. When we make burgers at home, we usually just stick with the traditional burger patty, cheese, condiments, and onion or sesame seed buns….

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What’s Your Relationship with Snow?

I think many people either love snow or hate snow. I just saw the following headline: Colossal storm to unload up to a foot of snow from DC to Philadelphia, NYC. Um, yikes … or yay?! You guys. I love snow. Even though I moved out of Michigan eight years ago (wow, has it really been eight years?), you would think…

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10 Favorite Things: Issue No. 6

I’m just sitting here enjoying my coffee while looking forward to a quiet weekend at home as we play with our son, cook out, enjoy wine, and do a bit of housework. Ever since I receive this printer for my birthday, I’ve been addicted to printing photos and putting them in albums. I just finished printing photos and placing them in my…

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