{Tips & Tricks} Super Bowl Recipe Roundup


Turkey and Black Bean Chili
Are you into football? If not, are you into food? Football and food lovers everywhere are prepping for the big Super Bowl weekend as they buy decor in their team's colors and start prepping hearty, filling recipes that will be enjoyed all throughout the day on Sunday.

Casual and hearty foods are the name of the game on Super Bowl Sunday. It's also nice to serve food that represents the teams that are playing. This year, it's the Packers vs. the Steelers so you'll want to serve hearty midwestern food with the Amish cuisine of the Steelers' hometown.

If you serve any one of the following recipes during your Super Bowl party, your guests will absolutely devour them...making you the MVP of your party.

 Main Entrees
    What team will you be rooting for on Sunday?


      Maria said...

      Great recipes! Thanks for including a few of ours. Enjoy the game!

      RecipeGirl said...

      Great round-up of ideas! Thanks for including a few of mine too! Happy Super Bowl Sunday :)

      Tracy said...

      I want to make ALL of these! Thanks for including some of mine, too. Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!!

      Eliana said...

      Awesome round up girl. Thanks so much for sharing. With or without the super bowl, I see myself enjoying every one of these delights.

      doughmesstic said...

      Love the round up! Hope your team wins, but if not, at least you'll be eating well!

      Aimee @ Simple Bites said...

      So hungry now! Thanks for including my links!

      Cookin' Canuck said...

      Another fantastic round-up, Jen!

      Souffle Bombay said...

      A great round up!!! I see many of my favorites and a few new ones to try! Thanks!!!

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